Thursday, September 25, 2008

Companies That Donate Raffle Items To Schools

Groundhog Day ...

derives its three months that I do not write more than one post, a number of reasons, some problems, different solutions.
The important thing is to be there.
So, since there are, I point out that 27 Saturday night at the tavern of the San Rocco celebrate my 30 years .
not think of eating a scoop of sweet before midnight!
The uncorking the champagne will 24.00 precise, but this remains that we could see each other before, maybe even eat together at some tavern.
before midnight, having regard to membership, I preferred not to constrain the meetings, as it would be difficult to agree on every where, how and when to eat.
'll post as soon as possible and inform everyone on what they will do Saturday night, but please, do not forget the midnight ball profitterol that awaits you.
If you hurry up.


Not compulsory friendly
8.30 - Dinner at Rione Sant'Angelo meeting before the big billboard down the stairs before entering the tavern
After Dinner - Coffee and coffee to kill Bar Esperia
After coffee - Walk traveling to the Square and Via Veneto to the public gardens
Mandatory part festeggiantistica
24.00 pm - open the champagne and eat balls

PS Fireworks I made them move to Sunday evening.


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